First published in 1997, this volume provides an accessible yet comprehensive update on the Government’s Memorandum of Good Practice on Video Recorded Interviews with Child Witnesses for Criminal Proceedings.

A wide range of authors with direct experience of the Memorandum provide both an introduction to its development and a contemporary critique of its implementation. This is a unique volume offering a multi-disciplinary assessment of policy, practice and research issues concerning the Memorandum, its role and implementation. It is invaluable reading for all professionals working with children in the fields of child protection and criminal justice.

chapter 3|12 pages

The Memorandum: the police view

chapter 6|14 pages

The Memorandum and disabled children

chapter 7|14 pages

Black children and the Memorandum

chapter 12|12 pages

The Memorandum: quest for the impossible?

chapter 13|14 pages

The Memorandum: considering a conundrum