Rural Geographies provides a critical, contemporary and accessible introduction to understanding rural change by using geographical ideas to explain and analyse current issues affecting the countryside.

The book discusses how the countryside has been conceptualised and located by geographers and considers how it can be studied across different scales (from community to the global countryside). Each chapter provides a concise and well-illustrated introduction to a key theme in rural geography using current literature and contemporary examples. The chapters are divided into four sections, covering rural contexts, changes, contests and cultures. The volume is largely centred on the Global North, reflecting the tradition of scholarship in rural geography but has a global perspective and draws upon on key examples in the Global South as appropriate.

Rural Geographies is driven by thinking in human geography and thus reflects how major paradigmatic changes in geography have impacted upon, and been informed by, rural geography. The aim is not to champion a particular approach or the latest fashionable idea but, rather, introduce key ideas and concepts that will teach students the critical skills necessary to analyse rural issues themselves. The text will be a valuable resource for upper-level undergraduate students studying rural geography and rural studies.

Chapter 1. Introduction  Part I Contexts  Chapter 2: Where Is the Country?  Chapter 3: Doing Away with Rurality?  Chapter 4: Geographies of The Rural  Part II Changes  Chapter 5: Farming and Food  Chapter 6: Economic Restructuring  Chapter 7: Changing Representations of Rurality  Chapter 8: Changing Rural Lives  Part III Contests  Chapter 9: Poverty and Social Exclusion  Chapter 10: Policy and Governance  Chapter 11: Housing, Homelessness and Home  Chapter 12: Mobility and Immobility  Chapter 13: Sustainability, Resilience and Rurality  Part IV Cultures  Chapter 14: Rural Landscapes  Chapter 15: Performing Rurality  Chapter 16: Rural Others, Other Rurals  Chapter 17: Gender, Sexuality and The Body  Chapter 18: More Than Human Ruralities  Chapter 19: A Conclusion to Rural Geography