Some of the usual obstacles to modern teachings of marketing are ethnocentricity, the limitation of creative thought by conformity to existing theories, lack of questioning of ethics, and a disconnection from historic events or sociological discourse. This book, in contrast, draws together interdisciplinary approaches from marketing, branding, promotion and critical media studies as tools for understanding the way in which fashion works today, and re-evaluates what makes certain fashion marketing tactics fashionable.

Offering a combination of theory and practice, Fashion Marketing and Communication is full of international case studies, practice-based examples and interviews with scholars and practitioners in the fashion and communications industry. Covering subjects including the history of consumerism, fashion marketing, the creative direction of the fashion brand and the use of bloggers and celebrities as marketing tools, this book delineates the opportunities and challenges facing the future of fashion media in the twenty-first century.

Examining the last 100 years of marketing and communications, current theory and practice, as well as questions on the ethics of the fashion industry, this broad-ranging and critical text is perfect for undergraduate and postgraduate students of fashion marketing, branding and communication.

chapter 1|16 pages

Fashion marketing from a historical perspective

Early days of advertising and consumerism

chapter 2|23 pages

Fashion promotion and public relations

chapter 3|20 pages

The Marketing Mix and communications tools

chapter 4|20 pages

Creating the marketing message

Branding and marketing communications

chapter 5|17 pages

Social media, blogs and opinion-leaders

Who is leading your opinion?

chapter 6|17 pages

Target market and segmentation

chapter 7|14 pages

Target marketing and the international consumer

Coding and decoding brand messages

chapter 8|12 pages

Brand communication at the point-of-sale

Sensory branding

chapter 9|26 pages

A critical look at advertising

Brands selling hopes, dreams and objectification

chapter 10|14 pages

The future of fashion marketing

Trends and opportunities