This book explores the role of chaos and control in the creative process as well as the difference between talent and creativity. Part One describes explores some of the common biases and pitfalls in the analysis and therapy of creative people, the role of the accidental in creative work, the nature of creative blocks, passion and its absence, as well as the problem of being able to exercise one's freedom. The author describes the special needs of creative patients, the common problems arising in therapy, its solutions, and, most importantly, the analyst's distinctive role when dealing with such patients. She also probes into the role of narcissism, neurosis, and psychosis on creative work.

part I|83 pages

Theories, Conditions, and Obstacles

chapter One|6 pages

Chaos and control in the creative process

chapter Two|12 pages

Talent and creativity

chapter Three|11 pages

The role of the accident in the creative act

chapter Four|18 pages

The psychodynamics of creative blocks

chapter Six|11 pages

Why bother? From indifference to passion

chapter Seven|6 pages

Is creativity dangerous?

chapter Eight|9 pages

Art and madness

part II|176 pages

My Own Development

chapter Nine|31 pages

Music: my first love

chapter Ten|7 pages

How painting became a passion

chapter Twelve|16 pages

The evolution of a painting

chapter Thirteen|8 pages

Love and hate in the creative process

chapter Fourteen|54 pages

Destructiveness and reparation: a retrospective

chapter Sixteen|22 pages

As in the flesh