Originally published in 1983. A broad examination of the ways in which teachers gain and use knowledge about their work is presented in this book. At the time, within curriculum studies, there was a developing greater understanding of the major role that teachers play in the implementation of materials within the classroom - as autonomous agents holding, using and creating knowledge of particular kinds which informs all of their work. This book presents a case study using retrospective interviews with a high school English teacher. Through analysis of this series of interviews, this study describes and outlines the structure of the knowledge she uses and the views she has of her concerns.

part One|42 pages

Studying Practical Knowledge

chapter 1|30 pages


chapter 2|10 pages

The Teacher’s Experiential World

part Two|56 pages

The Content of Practical Knowledge

chapter 3|10 pages

Knowledge of Self and Milieu

chapter 4|14 pages

Subject Matter Knowledge

chapter 5|30 pages

Knowledge of Curriculum and Instruction

part Three|74 pages

How Practical Knowledge is Held and Used