This is a seminal book, first published in 1961. Over the past six decades, T.N. Devare's work has been widely recognised as a pioneering study to re-discover the glorious heritage of Persian in the Deccan, following the first comprehensive and critical survey completed by the author of Persian manuscript sources and literary works scattered across numerous libraries, archives and repositories in India and abroad.
The book convincingly argues that, the Deccan’s multilingual and multi-religious traditions shaped the evolution of Indo-Persian and produced over nearly four centuries, a distinct literary and cultural world marked by a syncretic character which defied social, political or religious boundaries. The author also makes the case for collaboration between Persian and the regional languages of India, particularly Marathi. It is the rich legacy of Persian in the Deccan Courts with their vast treasures of literature that is preserved in Dr Devare’s work.
The book has been regarded and continues to remain a foundational text for studying the Deccan, be it in the field of history, literature or culture.
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chapter |16 pages

The Beginnings

Indo-Persian Cultural Relationship with Special Reference to Southern and Western India from the Earliest Times up to the Establishment of the Bahmanī Muslim Sultanate in the Deccan

chapter 2|103 pages

Poetry and Patronage of the Sultāns

chapter 3|31 pages

Ministers: The Minstrels of the Muse

chapter 4|75 pages

Poetry and Poets

chapter 5|68 pages

History and Historians

chapter 6|12 pages

Miscellaneous Literature