This volume adopts a multidisciplinary perspective in analyzing and understanding the rich communicative resources and dynamics at work in digital communication about food. Drawing on data from a small corpus of food blogs, the book implements a range of theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches to unpack the complexity of food blogs as a genre of computer-mediated communication. This wide-ranging framework allows for food blogs’ many layered components, including recipes, photographs, narration in posts, and social media tie-ins, to be unpacked and understood at the structural, visual, verbal, and discourse level in a unified way. The book seeks to provide a comprehensive account of this popular and growing genre and contribute to our understandings of digital communication more generally, making this key reading for students and scholars in computer-mediated communication, multimodality, critical discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, and pragmatics.

chapter |16 pages


part II|30 pages

Visual Analysis

chapter 3|28 pages

The Visual Analysis of Food Blogs

part III|45 pages

Verbal Analysis

chapter 4|43 pages

The Verbal Discourse of Food Blogs

Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses

part IV|30 pages

(Critical) Discourse Analysis and Pragmatic Implications

chapter |7 pages