Originally published in 1975, Strategies for Postsecondary Education looks at how postsecondary education absorbs an increasing proportion of education budgets in developed countries. The book analyses the inequalities in the American postsecondary education system and compares its performance with France and the United Kingdom. The traditional concept of higher education with its preference for the college sector is now being challenged by the notion of postsecondary education which embraces the community colleges and preparatory schools in the United States and the polytechnics in Great Britain. The book argues that the development of the non-collegiate sector, including further education outside a formal educational context, will extend the range of educational opportunity and make much better use of limited resources.

chapter 1|12 pages

The Rise of Postsecondary Education

chapter 2|28 pages

Expansion and Equality

chapter 3|31 pages

Further Education in America

chapter 4|23 pages

England and France

chapter 5|28 pages

New Currents of Reform

chapter 6|22 pages

Alternative Strategies for the Future