This book reconstructs Hindu–Muslim relations from a European standpoint. Drawing from the Indian context, the author explores options for Western Europe – a region grappling with the refugee crisis and populist reactions to the growth of Muslim minorities.

The author shows how India can serve not only as a model but also as a warning for Europe. For example, European liberals may learn not only from the achievements of Indian secularism but also from its crisis. Based on extensive interviews with Indians from diverse backgrounds, from politicians to social activists and from the middle class to slum dwellers, the volume investigates a wide range of perspectives: Hindu and Muslim, religious and secular, moderate and militant.

Relevant, engaging and accessible, this book speaks to a broad audience of concerned citizens and policy makers. Scholars of political science, sociology, modern history, cultural studies and South Asian studies will be particularly interested.

chapter 1|11 pages

Inciting Europe’s imagination

chapter 2|12 pages

Hindu–Muslim relations as a social drama

chapter 3|18 pages

The quest for a Hindu nation

chapter 4|20 pages

The Muslim quest for accommodation

chapter 5|23 pages

Secularism under siege

chapter 6|16 pages

The common man – or woman!

chapter 7|13 pages

Raison de civilisation

chapter 8|8 pages

Where to go from here