First published in 1939, Lytton combines the essence of Sophocles quote "I was not born to share men’s hatred but their love" and draws on the work of Homer Lane to relate it back to Christian philosophy and teachings in this his homage to Christianity itself.

chapter I|18 pages

Meaning and Sources of the New Treasure

chapter II|6 pages

Man the Paradox 1

chapter III|7 pages

Man the Moralist

chapter IV|9 pages

Saints or Heroes

chapter V|6 pages

Love the Redeemer

chapter VI|5 pages

The Man and His Dog

chapter VII|7 pages

Christ or Creed

chapter VIII|8 pages

The Religion of Love

chapter IX|29 pages

The Great Discourse

chapter X|17 pages

The Unconscious Mind

chapter XII|15 pages


chapter XIII|15 pages

Back to the Garden of Eden

chapter XIV|27 pages

The Psychologist at Work