Published in 1992. The author sets out the main issues in Data Management, from the first principles of meta modelling and data description through the comprehensive management exploitation, re-use, valuation, extension and enhancement of data as a valuable organizational resource.

Using his recent in-depth experience of a major trans-European project, he highlights data value metrics and provides examples of extended data analysis to assist readers to produce corporate data architectures. The book considers how the techniques of data management can be applied in the wider community of business, institutional and organizational settings and considers how new types of data (from the EDIFACT world) can be integrated into the existing data management environments of large data processing functions.

This wide-ranging text considers existing work in the field of data resource management and extends the concepts of data resource valuation. References are made to new aspects of metrics for data value and how they can be applied.

It will interest strategic business planners, information systems, and DP managers and executives, data-management personnel and data analysts, and academics involved in MSc and BSc courses on Dara Analysis, CASE repositories and structured methods.

chapter 1|28 pages


chapter 2|46 pages

Data Management and Data Modelling

chapter 3|40 pages

Data Management and Data Documentation

chapter 4|24 pages

Data Management Tools

chapter 5|16 pages

Managing Data in an Organisation

chapter 6|20 pages

Data Management Functionality: 1

chapter 7|42 pages

Data Management Functionality: 2

chapter 8|26 pages

Data Management Functionality: 3

chapter 9|26 pages

Data Management in the Business

chapter 10|48 pages

Data Management Issues

chapter 11|38 pages

Data Management and the Future