Analyzing Media Messages, Fourth Edition provides a comprehensive guide to conducting content analysis research. It establishes a formal definition of quantitative content analysis; gives step-by-step instructions on designing a content analysis study; and explores in depth several recurring questions that arise in such areas as measurement, sampling, reliability, data analysis, and the use of digital technology in the content analysis process.

The fourth edition maintains the concise, accessible approach of the first three editions while offering updated discussions and examples. It examines in greater detail the use of computers to analyze content and how that process varies from human coding of content, incorporating more literature about technology and content analysis throughout. Updated topics include sampling in the digital age, computerized content analysis as practiced today, and incorporating social media in content analysis. Each chapter contains useful objectives and chapter summaries to cement core concepts.

chapter 1|19 pages


chapter 3|11 pages

Computers and Content Analysis

chapter 4|24 pages


chapter 5|27 pages


chapter 6|34 pages


chapter 7|16 pages


chapter 8|20 pages

Designing a Content Analysis

chapter 9|24 pages

Data Analysis