Thoroughly revised and updated, this third edition offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the social psychology of aggression, covering all the relevant major theories, individual differences, situational factors, and applied contexts.

Understanding the causes, forms, and consequences of aggression and violence is critical for dealing with these harmful forms of social behavior. Addressing a range of sub-topics, the first part deals with the definition and measurement of aggression, presents major theories, examines the development of aggression and discusses individual and gender differences in aggressive behaviour. It covers the role of situational factors in eliciting aggression and the impact of exposure to violence in the media. The second part examines specific forms and manifestations of aggression, including chapters on aggression in everyday contexts and in the family, sexual aggression, intergroup aggression, and terrorism. The new edition also includes additional coverage of gender differences, gun violence, and terrorism, to reflect the latest research developments in the field.

Also discussing strategies for reducing and preventing aggression, this book is essential reading for students and researchers in psychology and related disciplines, as well as practitioners and policy makers.

chapter |7 pages


chapter Chapter 4|24 pages

Personality and gender differences in adulthood

chapter Chapter 5|31 pages

Situational factors promoting aggressive behaviour

chapter Chapter 6|35 pages

Media violence and aggression

chapter Chapter 7|39 pages

Aggression in different domains of everyday life

chapter Chapter 8|45 pages

Aggression in the family

chapter Chapter 9|33 pages

Sexual aggression

chapter Chapter 10|30 pages

Aggression between social groups

chapter Chapter 11|28 pages


chapter Chapter 12|36 pages

Preventing and reducing aggressive behaviour

chapter Chapter 13|3 pages

Outlook and conclusion