This book examines how Russia’s entrepreneurs operate in a business environment beset with risk and uncertainty. The challenges they may encounter include an unreliable judicial system, insecure property rights, arbitrary interference from officials, as well as corruption, harassment, suspicion and violence. Based on extensive original research, including fieldwork within three businesses, this book explores how entrepreneurs survive and some thrive. It focuses on the kind of obstacles they face from day to day, details their motivations, rationale and methods, and describes the actual relationship between ordinary entrepreneurs and the state, providing new insights into business-state relations.

chapter 1|13 pages


Business Conditions in Putin's Russia

chapter 2|22 pages


chapter 3|31 pages

Case Study


chapter 4|33 pages

Case Study


chapter 5|31 pages

Case Study

Aleksandr and Yurii

chapter 6|17 pages

Theoretical Implications

Rethinking Entrepreneurship in Russia's Political Economy

chapter 7|5 pages