How is it that someone can be healed of mental illness through talking with another person? This is what Neville Symington examines in this book. He believes that a person in their innermost being registers the essential character of the other person. The senses detect the outer contours of the personality but a deeper form of knowledge connects directly to the other person's inner being. Healing comes about if the inner world of the one is guided by principles that transcend the particular and this fosters a giving-ness in the one and the other. The egoism in each is then subsumed into a higher unity which results in a new subjective understanding. Personal understanding is a sign that a new ordering of the inner ingredients of the personality has taken place; that the form of being in the one has the capacity to generate in the other this new way of being. The author explores this fundamental reality that underlies human communication and teases out how this brings about healing.

chapter Chapter One|22 pages

The question: an intellectual solution

chapter Chapter Two|21 pages

The meaning of emotion

chapter Chapter Three|23 pages

Emotional development

chapter Chapter Four|20 pages

Communication and emotion

chapter Chapter Five|27 pages

Communication and representation

chapter Chapter Six|19 pages

The case of pseudo-maturity