Gestalt Therapy has been developing steadily for the last 50 years, in America as well as in Europe. It is cureently practieed in diffeeent eettings: individual, group, and family therapies; personal growth; social, medical and business organizations.

chapter One|13 pages

What is Gestalt?

chapter Two|6 pages

The Therapist is incarnate

chapter Three|8 pages

Fritz Perls, the Father of Gestalt Therapy

chapter Four|11 pages

The Theory of the Self

chapter Five|7 pages

Gestalt-Pedagogy and Socio-Gestalt

chapter Six|15 pages

Gestalt and the Brain

chapter Seven|9 pages

Dreams in Gestalt Therapy

chapter Eight|12 pages

The Body, the Emotions

chapter Nine|11 pages

Vital Drives: Aggression and Sexuality

chapter Ten|11 pages

The Personality Profile (Psychopathology)

chapter Eleven|20 pages

Twenty Basic Notions 1