This book puts forward a model of therapy and support for people with DID that provides individual therapy, staff support, and a safe place to live. It relies upon the ideas of Bowlby by providing a secure base and this recognises the attachment needs. It also includes staff who are trained to provide a therapeutic environment and also receive support to do their work. The fourth element after the base, the staff, and the training, is the individual therapy. Together it has been possible to adopt a holistic approach which leads to a significant improvement in quality of life for individuals with DID, and confidence for commissioners and teams in the approach. By including the perspective of all the players and presenting a practical model for successful working, the book will be invaluable to anyone looking to commission or provide services for this client group.

chapter One|12 pages

Starting out

chapter Two|6 pages

A usual bumpy road to treatment

chapter Three|12 pages

Life—what’s that?

chapter Four|8 pages

Setting up a service

chapter Five|13 pages

Making progress

chapter Six|10 pages

Being support staff

chapter Seven|13 pages

A client's voice

chapter Eight|11 pages

A new therapist

chapter Nine|9 pages