This book is primarily for psychotherapists, but is also for professionals such as lawyers, judges, doctors, and the clergy, and for victims. Different perspectives describe worlds of sadistic violence, revealing how human beings are deliberately and persistently broken. It explores how victims are used and abused in the context of pornography, prostitution, and snuff videos; how they are deprived of their rights through mind control: degraded to nothing more than objects, abused at the push of a button according to the desires of the tormentors. Claims by the "false memory" movement aid the tormentors, and this is reflected in the language these groups use. With an explanation of the diverse structures of dissociation, ranging from dissociation as the reaction of an organism, through conditioning, all the way to programming, the author develops a structural model for treating victims of extreme violence and mind control.

chapter Three|14 pages

Practical conclusions for psychotherapy

chapter Five|13 pages

Inside views from a sadistic world

chapter Six|12 pages

Inside views from a survivor

chapter Seven|7 pages

Death of an assassin

chapter Eight|12 pages

About dissociative worlds

chapter Nine|32 pages

Therapy to facilitate nurturing attachments

chapter Ten|12 pages

Truth, lies, deception, and fabrication

chapter Eleven|4 pages

Dissociation, imagination, and fantasy

chapter Twelve|18 pages

Power and powerlessness

chapter Thirteen|10 pages

The language of violence

chapter Fourteen|4 pages

Differences that make a difference

chapter Fifteen|2 pages

Prospects—so much is missing