This book focuses on Lacan's revisions and renewals of psychoanalytic concepts, and shows the ways in which Lacan succeeded in the reinvention of psychoanalysis. It explores those steps that led him to assert an unprecedented formula that says against all expectation that the unconscious is real.

part I|66 pages

The Unconscious, Real

chapter 1|13 pages


chapter Two|7 pages

Towards the Real

chapter Three|14 pages

Lalangue, traumatic

chapter Five|6 pages

The royal road to the RUCS

chapter Six|5 pages

The Borromean aleph

chapter Seven|6 pages

The parlêtre

part II|47 pages

Analysis Oriented Towards the Real

chapter Eight|6 pages

The end pass

chapter Nine|9 pages

The time that isn’t logical

chapter Ten|14 pages

Terminable analysis

chapter Eleven|8 pages

Identification with the symptom or … worse

chapter Twelve|7 pages

The identity at the end, its aporias

part III|57 pages

A Renewed Clinic

chapter Thirteen|13 pages

The status of jouissances

chapter Fourteen|12 pages

Symptom of the real unconscious

chapter Fifteen|9 pages

The father and the Real

chapter Sixteen|10 pages

Towards the father of the name

chapter Seventeen|9 pages

Love and the Real

part IV|46 pages

Political Perspectives

chapter Eighteen|13 pages

Dissidence of the symptom?

chapter Nineteen|9 pages

Psychoanalysis and capitalism

chapter Twenty|12 pages

Malaise in psychoanalysis

chapter Twenty-One|8 pages

What does the psychoanalyst want?