This book explores some of the unconscious mechanisms and processes that underpin the racist phenomenon by looking at racism as a state of mind, inferred from the clinical situation and racist situations in the external world.

part I|18 pages

The Psychic Geography of Racism

chapter One|8 pages

Mythical homelands: body, psyche, and nation

chapter Two|8 pages

The racist scene and the primal scene

part II|54 pages

Race in the Consulting Room

chapter Three|24 pages

Working clinically with racist states of mind

chapter Four|11 pages

The racist gaze: bearing witness

chapter Five|16 pages

Clinical and theoretical challenges

part III|51 pages

Race in Group, Organisation, and Societal Life

chapter Seven|9 pages

Race in the life of a study group

chapter Nine|8 pages

Reason and racism

chapter Ten|7 pages

Thinking under fire: concluding thoughts