The author formulates here the existence of an anxiety apparatus whose functioning is a part of the ego and the personality structure and illustrates how in attacking this apparatus the ego is attacking itself. An example is given of the workings of the death instinct, and a differentiation is made between the ego's defence mechanisms and other pathological character devices.

chapter Nine|4 pages

A note on analytic receptivity (1968)

chapter Eleven|8 pages

Positive and negative forms (1970)

chapter Thirteen|5 pages

Towards an atelier system (1971)

chapter Fifteen|16 pages

Repression, forgetting, and unfaithfulness (1974)

chapter Eighteen|16 pages

Adhesive identification (1974)

chapter Nineteen|12 pages

Compulsive generosity (1975)

chapter Twenty-Four|11 pages

A note on introjective processes (1978)

chapter Twenty-Nine|6 pages

Models of dependence (1981)

chapter Thirty-Three|3 pages

Concerning the stupidity of evil (1988)

chapter Thirty-Four|3 pages

Narcissism and violence in adolescents (1989)