Systemic Work with Organizations explores a powerful new perspective on the challenges faced by managers and consultants who work in large organizations. Building on principles and methods originally developed in the family arena, the authors show how an emphasis on connection, context and communication can help managers and others involved in change, deal with issues of identity, leadership, and learning faced by staff in today's complex work environment.The main thesis is that one way cause and effect thinking and a central focus on the role of the individual, is no longer sufficient. Managers and change agents now need to make use of the insights and interventions offered by a systemic perspective that highlights the roles played by circularity and reflexivity in how people construct shared meaning in human systems.

chapter |5 pages


part I|51 pages

Approach—Adapting Theory to a New Context

part II|61 pages

Praxis—The Constructionist Approach in Action

chapter 3|23 pages

A Board-level consultation

chapter 4|19 pages

A work-team consultation

chapter 5|17 pages

A whole-organization consultation

part III|65 pages

Methodology—Developing Constructionist Capabilities

chapter 6|25 pages

The methodology so far . . .

chapter 7|19 pages

Getting started

chapter |2 pages


Next steps