In this book the author traces the way that early psychic development from birth up to three years is reflected throughout our lifespan, including adulthood, couplehood and parenthood. The inner child reverberating within us (consciously and unconsciously) and thus present in our ongoing interactions with others, often colours and guides our current experiences, whether with our life partner or children, and as psychotherapists, with our patients. Our openness to its resonance allows us to become more attuned to and emotionally accessible to ourselves and others.The author's primary aim is to familiarize the reader with her innovative idea of the emotional immune system managed by a healthy narcissism and operating via the inner reverberations of hidden childhood narratives. Our sense of familiar self is accordingly consolidated and immunised to an invasion by foreign sensations.

part I|161 pages

The Oral Stage—The Stage of Intimacy

chapter One|20 pages


chapter Two|29 pages

Narcissism: an immune system for the self

chapter Three|56 pages

The ego: an emotional self-regulation agency

chapter Four|53 pages

Object relations: the attachment system

part Two|163 pages

The Anal Stage—A Time of Negotiation

chapter Five|32 pages

The progress of narcissism in the anal stage

chapter Six|40 pages

Consolidation of the ego

chapter Eight|44 pages

Healthy and pathological narcissistic processes

chapter Nine|7 pages