Divorce is a complicated process and not a single event. It has major life implications and must be done right. In this regard, the good divorce is an ethical divorce. The Good Divorce does not follow the pattern of the ubiquitous self-help genre - over simplified and formulaic. Nevertheless, it is designed to be helpful by providing an in-depth exploration of the separation process, post-divorce adjustment, telling the children, caring for children from infants to teens, decision-making models, pathologies of divorce and, finally, hope and recovery through creating an important space for discovery. The author is a clinician and the book is written from the well of experience, scholarship and study that professional practice provides. Yet, it is not written academically and is intended for a general as well as professional audience. The reader will find the helpful inclusion of clinical examples and ample opportunities for reflection and deeper thinking into the many issues that arise in divorce for individuals and families.

chapter One|20 pages

The good divorce

chapter Two|30 pages

Post-divorce adjustment

chapter Three|19 pages

Telling the children

chapter Four|35 pages

Caring for children post-divorce

chapter Five|47 pages

Custody and access

chapter Six|45 pages

Divorce, parenting, and families

chapter Seven|22 pages

High conflict and the pathologies of divorce

chapter Eight|20 pages

Space for discovery