This book presents a broad and deep symbolic reading of the characters involved in the mythical Holy Grail. It discusses on Arthur and his loyal and faithful knights; the wise old Merlin and his visions of the future; the archetypical themes of quest and the desire to return to the golden age.

chapter One|4 pages

The quest for the Grail

chapter Two|5 pages

The legend

chapter Three|6 pages

The history

chapter Four|4 pages

Courtly love

chapter Five|18 pages

The search for oneself

chapter Six|6 pages

Lancelot, Arthur, and Guinevere

chapter Seven|11 pages

The Goddess and the sacred chalice

chapter Eight|15 pages

Arthur and his Knights

chapter Nine|19 pages

The Grail and its questions

chapter Ten|22 pages

Merlin and the search for coniunctio

chapter Twelve|3 pages

In conclusion