Although best known as a disseminator of Freudian and Kleinian ideas, the author also contributed important and original material to the body of psychoanalytic literature. This volume presents some of this material and highlights the importance of the author's contribution.

chapter |44 pages

Joan Riviere: Her life and work

chapter One|14 pages

Early short papers

chapter Two|4 pages

The beauty of translation

chapter Three|16 pages

Four uncompromising book reviews

chapter Four|10 pages


chapter Five|14 pages

Defensive femininity

chapter Seven|16 pages

Freud in the 1930s

chapter Eight|22 pages

Those wrecked by success

chapter Nine|12 pages

Freud’s autobiography

chapter Ten|40 pages

Public lectures

chapter Eleven|6 pages

A moving tribute to Freud

chapter Twelve|14 pages


chapter Thirteen|4 pages

Freud—the questioner

chapter Fourteen|40 pages

Kleinian thinking in the 1950s

chapter Fifteen|30 pages

Early psychological development: London/Vienna

chapter Sixteen|30 pages

The inner world as seen in literature

chapter Seventeen|18 pages

An inner world

chapter Eighteen|6 pages

A last word about Freud