This book examines the terminology used in the analysis of sadomasochism, surveys extensively, and in detail, the theories of other psychoanalysts, and explores the relationship between sadomasochism and depression; its relationship to psychosis, borderline states, and many other conditions.

chapter One|7 pages


chapter Two|3 pages

A precursor

chapter Three|7 pages

Problems of terminology and definition

chapter Four|3 pages

Sadomasochism and depression

chapter Six|5 pages

Ascetic masochism

chapter Seven|8 pages

The clinical area of perversion

chapter Eight|30 pages

Theories of sadomasochistic perversion

chapter Nine|17 pages

After the theories

chapter Ten|11 pages

Areas of contiguity

chapter Eleven|6 pages

Infantile trauma and perversion

chapter Twelve|18 pages

Final notes on the three paradigms

chapter Thirteen|7 pages

Psychoanalytic therapy of the perversions

chapter Fourteen|11 pages

Evil and pleasure: a psychoanalytic view