Previously unpublished lectures from Wilfred Ruprecht Bion. The book consists of eight talks Bion gave at the Tavistock Clinic between 1976 and 1979. Topics explored include the importance of observation; dreams; art and psychoanalysis; and the significance of time in psychoanalysis. In addition, this volume includes an illuminating interview of Bion by Anthony G. Banet in 1976.'In your practice you will find yourself under pressure. You say whatever you have to say, and then there is an entirely new situation. You don't really know what is going on because it is an entirely new situation, things will not be the same. It is likely enough that the patient will say, "Why don't you say something?" Or if not the patient, the relatives - "Why don't you do something?" So you are always under pressure prematurely and precociously to produce your idea. Poor little thing! Pull it up by the roots and have a look at it - it hasn't got a chance. So you have to act as a sort of parent to the idea - protect it and give it a chance to grow in spite of these pressures; you have to be able to tolerate this state of ignorance.'- W.R. Bion

chapter Seminar One|11 pages

28 June 1976

chapter Seminar Two|16 pages

4 July 1977

chapter Seminar Three|10 pages

5 July 1977

chapter Seminar Four|13 pages

3 July 1978

chapter Seminar Five|4 pages

4 July 1978

chapter Seminar Six|16 pages

5 July 1978

chapter Seminar Seven|13 pages

27 March 1979

chapter Seminar Eight|8 pages

28 March 1979