Although it is quite possible that many will consider this book irreverent or disrespectful of ideas or institutions, the author is certain that they will also perceive it as a defender of women and their unquestionable transcendence throughout history. The main ideas the author now shares publicly, are ones the author has considered for many years: the classification of the 'Eves', the masochistic character of women, the concept of giraffe women, etc.. Other ideas appeared afterwards, some at the last moment, as the author enjoyed the company of friends, who frequently and generously lend their time to discuss with me their own opinions... the author believes that there is a universal feminine principle just as there is a masculine one, the difference remains in the fact that, from the very beginning of creation, everything about man has already been said and nothing continues to be undisclosed, whereas woman, is an untold story yet to be discovered.

chapter ONE|5 pages

The complicity of Eve

chapter TWO|6 pages

The three phases of Eve

chapter THREE|4 pages

The antithesis as a defence

chapter FOUR|10 pages


chapter FIVE|5 pages

The power of women's bodies

chapter SEVEN|6 pages

The Freudian woman

chapter EIGHT|5 pages

The cloaca theory

chapter NINE|6 pages

The basic injury

chapter TEN|6 pages

Anal space, uterine space

chapter ELEVEN|9 pages

The power of magic

chapter TWELVE|5 pages


chapter THIRTEEN|5 pages

Totem and taboo: from God-man to God-woman

chapter FOURTEEN|6 pages


chapter FIFTEEN|6 pages

Confused Eve

chapter SIXTEEN|5 pages


chapter SEVENTEEN|3 pages

Vindicated Eve

chapter EIGHTEEN|8 pages

Beyond imprinting