Traumatic Reliving in History, Literature, and Film explores an intriguing facet of human behavior never yet examined in its own right - an individual or a group may contrive, unawares, to repeat a half-forgotten traumatic experience in disguise. Such reliving has shaped major careers and large-scale events throughout history. Insight into it is therefore vital for understanding historic causation past and present. Traumatic Reliving has also proliferated in literature since antiquity and lately in film as well, indicating its tacit acceptance as a piece of life by the reading and movie-going public. This book examines the evidence of history, literature, and film on how this irrational behavioral mechanism works.

chapter ONE|6 pages


chapter TWO|20 pages

Reliving with Freud

chapter THREE|22 pages

Reliving in history

chapter FOUR|20 pages

Reliving in history: A closeup

chapter FIVE|29 pages

Reliving in letters

chapter SIX|27 pages

Reliving on screen

chapter SEVEN|11 pages

Reliving: Who, when, why?