This book postulates that the trigger of the psychotic condition is located in the basic processes which structure the first emotional relations. It presents some of the reasons why patients succumb to the attraction of a course doomed to result in the permanent derangement of their minds.

chapter ONE|24 pages

Some psychoanalytic models of psychosis

chapter THREE|8 pages

An example of psychotic transformation

chapter FOUR|29 pages

The unconscious and psychosis*

chapter FIVE|28 pages

The meaning of dreams in the psychotic state*

chapter SEVEN|14 pages

Difficulties in therapy: relapses into psychosis

chapter EIGHT|29 pages

Intuitive and delusional thought*

chapter NINE|17 pages

Transference psychosis*

chapter TEN|23 pages

The fate of the transference in psychosis

chapter TWELVE|14 pages

Disturbance of identity in the psychotic process

chapter THIRTEEN|13 pages

Trauma and psychosis

chapter FOURTEEN|21 pages

Some modes of entry into psychosis

chapter FIFTEEN|8 pages

Concluding remarks