Teachers’ attitudes have been a subject of study and interest for many years. Originally published in 1986, this bibliography attempts to review the large field of research between the years 1965 and 1984. To identify all the sources of information, and to list documents that discuss research on teachers’ attitudes. It does not include an assessment of the quality of the research reported in the listed documents, however, the value is in its comprehensiveness. Users of the bibliography can locate the listed studies and then evaluate the studies using criteria relevant to their individual purposes.

Introduction: Teachers’ Attitudes  1. Descriptions of Teachers’ Attitudes  2. Variations in Attitudes Between Groups of Teachers  3. Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Students  4. Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Their Own Teaching  5. Influences on Teachers’ Attitudes  6. Effects of Teachers’ Attitudes  7. Reviews of Research on Teachers’ Attitudes.  Author Index.  Title Index.  Subject Index.