Perform Suzhou is a task- and performance-oriented textbook course for Chinese study abroad programs serving intermediate- to advanced-level learners.

Performance is the key concept; developing communication skills through role playing. Field performance tasks enable students learning Chinese to refine and solidify communication skills by executing real-life tasks in the target culture, before reporting on their experiences in the classroom. The dialogues presented form the basis for improvisation for related contexts, equipping students to respond appropriately in new situations. Perform Suzhou is composed of staged units, drills, exercises and culture notes with accompanying audio.

The textbook is accompanied by audio and Action! China, the supporting workbook.

chapter |5 pages


chapter |4 pages


chapter 第一单元|39 pages

抵达苏州 Setting Down

chapter 第二单元|36 pages

校园生活 Campus Life

chapter 第三单元|36 pages

饮食交友 Food and Friendship

chapter 第四单元|35 pages

游山玩水 Sightseeing

chapter 第五单元|32 pages

解决问题 Solving Problems

chapter 第六单元|32 pages

社会活动 Social Engagements

chapter 第七单元|37 pages

调查研究 Research

chapter 第八单元|39 pages

话说苏州 Talking about Suzhou

chapter |19 pages

附 录