In this new edition of his widely acclaimed study, William Duiker has revised and updated his analysis of the Communist movement in Vietnam from its formation in 1930 to the dilemmas facing its leadership in the post-Cold War era. Making use of newly available documentary sources and recent Western scholarship, the author reevaluates Communist revolutionary strategy during the Vietnam War. Based on primary materials in several languages, this respected work is essential for an understanding of Vietnam in the twentieth century.

chapter 1|4 pages


chapter 3|12 pages

Out of the Ashes (1930–1941)

chapter 4|35 pages

Prelude to Revolt (1941–1945)

chapter 7|45 pages

The Franco-Vietminh War (1947–1954)

chapter 8|36 pages

Peace and Division (1954–1961)

chapter 9|39 pages

The Dialectics of Escalation (1961–1965)

chapter 10|43 pages

War of Attrition (1965–1968)

chapter 11|29 pages

Fighting and Negotiating (1968–1973)

chapter 12|22 pages

The Final Drama (1973–1975)

chapter 13|25 pages

Prospect and Retrospect