With crucial insights and indispensable information concerning modern-day political upheavals, Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements provides a representative cross section of the most significant revolutions of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This Fifth Edition is revised and updated with a new chapter on the Arab Revolution from its beginning in December 2010 to the present. In this widely used text, students can trace the historical development of eleven revolutions using a five-factor analytical framework. Author James DeFronzo clearly explains all relevant concepts and events, the roles of key leaders, and the interrelation of each revolutionary movement with international economic and political developments and conflicts, including World Wars I and II, the Cold War, and the War on Terror. Student resources include multiple orienting maps, summary and analysis sections, suggested readings, chronologies, and documentary resources.

chapter |7 pages


chapter 1|24 pages

Social Movements and Revolutions

chapter 2|45 pages

The Russian Revolutions and Eastern Europe

chapter 3|47 pages

Revolution in China *

chapter 4|41 pages

The Vietnamese Revolution

chapter 5|43 pages

The Cuban Revolution

chapter 6|33 pages

Revolution in Nicaragua

chapter 8|33 pages

Islamic Revolutionary Movements

chapter 9|46 pages

South Africa

chapter 10|39 pages

Revolution Through Democracy

chapter 11|36 pages

The Arab Revolution

chapter 12|13 pages