This core text is the first to provide a much-needed interdisciplinary approach to international studies. Emphasizing the interconnected nature of history, geography, anthropology, economics, and political science, International Studies details the methodologies and subject matter of each discipline then applies these discipline lenses to seven regions: Europe; East Asia and the Pacific; South and Central Asia; sub-Saharan Africa; the Middle East and North Africa; Latin America; and North America. This disciplinary and regional combination provides an indispensable, cohesive framework for understanding global issues. The fully updated fourth edition includes four new global issues chapters: The Refugee Crisis in Europe; The Syrian Civil War and the Rise of the Islamic State; Global Climate Change; and The Globalization of Modern Sports.


chapter 101|9 pages


part 1|134 pages

The Disciplines of International Studies

chapter 1|24 pages

The Past in the Present

Historical Interpretation in International Conflict

chapter 2|25 pages

Peoples, Places, and Patterns

Geography in International Studies

chapter 3|28 pages

Anthropology and Intercultural Relations

chapter 4|33 pages

Economics and International Development

chapter 5|20 pages

Power, Conflict, and Policy

The Role of Political Science in International Studies

part 2|236 pages

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Regional and International Topics

chapter 6|24 pages

North America and International Studies

chapter 7|32 pages

Europe and the Modern World

chapter 8|35 pages

East Asia, the Pacific, and International Studies

Demography and Development

chapter 9|31 pages

South and Central Asia and International Studies

Environment and Population

chapter 11|38 pages

The Middle East and North Africa

chapter 12|30 pages

Latin America

part 3|75 pages

Contemporary Global Issues

chapter 13|10 pages

International Terrorism

Global Issue 1

chapter 14|7 pages

The Global Refugee Crisis

Global Issue 2

chapter 15|9 pages

The Syrian Civil War and the Rise of the Islamic State

Global Issue 3

chapter 16|7 pages

The Veil Controversy

Global Issue 4

chapter 17|6 pages

Global Population Projections

Global Issue 5

chapter 18|7 pages

Global Climate Change

Global Issue 6

chapter 19|10 pages

The Globalization of Modern Sports

Global Issue 7

chapter |13 pages