Fully updated and including an expanded and extensive Windows computer simulation, this unique text/disk combination provides a survey of alternative futures in international relations. By manipulating a wide range of variables in major countries and geographical regions students can generate a limitless number of future scenarios in the areas of demographics, food, energy, the environment, economics, and sociopolitical systems. This edition has added capability for display of data and forecasts, has introduced extensive historical data and analysis capability, has extended the time horizon of forecasts, and has extensively expanded the Help system of the model. Complete with tables, flowcharts, feedback loops, computer notes, and research suggestions, the text and simulation allows students to transcend the usual level of speculation about the future by moving to an empirically grounded, values-based consideration of issues, strategies, and outcomes. This edition places a special emphasis on the environemnt, which has emerged as one of the most important areas in international relations.

chapter One|7 pages

Action in the Face of Uncertainty

chapter Two|36 pages

Global Change

chapter Three|21 pages

Using IFs to Investigate Change

chapter Four|17 pages

Causal Understandings and Scenarios

chapter Five|11 pages


chapter Six|19 pages


chapter Seven|8 pages

Food and Agriculture

chapter Eight|9 pages


chapter Nine|10 pages

The Environment

chapter Ten|8 pages

Domestic Social and Political Systems

chapter Eleven|16 pages

The Global Sociopolitical System

chapter Twelve|6 pages

Preferred Futures