A History of the Modern Middle East examines the profound and often dramatic transformations of the region in the past two centuries, from the Ottoman and Egyptian reforms, through the challenge of Western imperialism, to the impact of US foreign policies. Built around a framework of political history, while also carefully integrating social, cultural, and economic developments, this expertly crafted account provides readers with the most comprehensive, balanced and penetrating analysis of the modern Middle East.

The sixth edition has been revised to provide a thorough account of the major developments since 2012, including the tumultuous aftermath of the Arab uprisings, the sectarian conflict in Iraq and civil war in Syria that led to the rise of ISIS, the crises in Libya and Yemen, and the United States' nuclear talks with Iran. With brand-new timelines in each part, updated select bibliographies, and expanded online instructor resources, A History of the Modern Middle East remains the quintessential text for courses on Middle East history.

part One|52 pages

The Development of Islamic Civilization to the Eighteenth Century

chapter 1|14 pages

The Rise and Expansion of Islam

chapter 3|18 pages

The Ottoman and Safavid Empires

A New Imperial Synthesis

part Two|107 pages

The Beginnings of the Era of Transformation

chapter 4|18 pages

Forging a New Synthesis

The Pattern of Reforms, 1789-1849

chapter 7|13 pages

The Response of Islamic Society

part Three|96 pages

The Struggle For Independence

chapter 10|18 pages

Authoritarian Reform in Turkey and Iran

chapter 11|22 pages

The Arab Struggle for Independence

Egypt, Iraq, and Transjordan from the Interwar Era to 1945

chapter 12|20 pages

The Arab Struggle for Independence

Syria, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia from the Interwar Era to 1945

part Four|93 pages

The Independent Middle East from the End of World War II to the 1970s

chapter 14|25 pages

Democracy and Authoritarianism

Turkey and Iran

chapter 15|21 pages

The Middle East in the Age of Nasser

The Egyptian Base

chapter 16|21 pages

The Middle East in the Age of Nasser

The Radicalization of Arab Politics

part Five|96 pages

The Resurgence of Islam

chapter 19|24 pages

Changing Patterns of War and Peace

Egypt and Lebanon in the 1970s and 1980s

chapter 20|21 pages

The Arabian Peninsula in the Petroleum Era

chapter 21|24 pages

The Consolidation of Authoritarian Rule in Syria and Iraq

The Regimes of Hafiz al-Asad and Saddam Husayn

part Six|112 pages

Challenges to the Existing Order

chapter 23|25 pages

A Peace So Near, a Peace So Far

Israeli-Palestinian Relations Since the 1991 Gulf War

chapter 26|20 pages

The 2011 Arab Uprisings and Their Aftermath

chapter |2 pages

List of Major Rulers