This book addresses the issues in an empirical fashion after examining different sociological and geographic perspectives. It provides a basic understanding of the multi-faceted nature of racial inequalities in urban America, both in a broad context and in separate analyses of housing.

chapter Chapter 1|19 pages

Race, Ethnicity, and Locational Inequalities


chapter Chapter 2|33 pages

U.S. Minority Population

Settlement Patterns, Dispersion, and Growth Trends

chapter Chapter 3|39 pages

Sociological Narratives of Racism in America

chapter Chapter 4|30 pages

Theories of Spatial Relationships in Urban America

chapter Chapter 5|42 pages

Minority and Nonminority Concentrations

Differentiating Between Race-and-Place-Based Inequalities in Urban America*

chapter Chapter 6|22 pages

Deconstruction of Emerging Racial Mosaics

Equity Issues Where Asian Americans Mix with Other Minorities in Alameda County, California

chapter Chapter 9|23 pages

Commuting and Locational Access to Employment in Urban America

Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Three Cities*

chapter Chapter 10|22 pages

Racial Inequalities in Urban America

Retrospect and Prospect