In this masterly, Howard Hibbard relates Michelangelo's art to his life and to the times in which he lived, relying on the earliest biographies and the latest scholarly research as well as on Michelangelo's own letters and poems. What emerges is both a perspective appraisal of his work and a revealing life history of the man who was arguably the greatest artist of all time.

part I|84 pages

The Prodigy

part II|78 pages

The Sistine Chapel and its Aftermath

chapter 5|48 pages

The Sistine Ceiling 1508–12

part III|62 pages

Medicean Florence with a Republican Interlude 1519–34

chapter 7|32 pages

The Medici Tombs and the Victory

chapter 8|11 pages

Michelangelo’s Medicean Architecture

chapter 9|19 pages

Years of Turmoil 1527–34

part IV|76 pages

Rome 1534–64

chapter 11|24 pages

Figurai Works of the 1540s and 1550s

chapter 12|18 pages

The Roman Architecture

chapter 13|6 pages

Death and Transfiguration