Through readings of 15 life-history interviews, this book creates a framework for the interpretation of dilemmas and decisions. As each individual recounts a specific instance when a life choice was necessary, the supporting analysis reveals the framework that triggered the sense that a turning point had been reached. The author's basic premise is that common sense and mainstream psychology fail to enlighten us about what is actually involved in major life choices. He argues that individuals tend to make decisions that are not in their best interests and that these decisions tend to reinforce the sociocultural structures that were instrumental in the creation of their dilemmas.

chapter 1|6 pages

Chapter 1: The Problem of Choice

chapter 2|16 pages

Chapter 2: Life History

chapter 3|13 pages

Chapter 3: Life Structure

chapter 4|17 pages

Chapter 4: Psychologies of Decisionmaking

chapter 5|21 pages

Chapter 5: Life Spheres

chapter 6|23 pages

Chapter 6: Transitions

chapter 7|16 pages

Chapter 7: Life Projects

chapter 8|15 pages

Chapter 8: Authenticity

chapter 9|7 pages

Chapter 9: Ideology

chapter 10|8 pages

Chapter 10: Back to the Future