The aim of Comprehensive Applied Sport Psychology (CASP) is to challenge our field to look beyond its current status and propel applied sport psychology and mental training forward and outward with a broad and multi-layered examination of everything psychological, emotionally, and socially that the athletic community contends with in pursuit of athletic success and that sport psychologists and mental trainers do in their professional capacities.

Comprehensive Applied Sport Psychology is the first professional book aimed at offering a truly expansive and deep exploration of just about everything that applied sport psychologists, consultants and mental trainers do in their work.

CASP plumbs the depths of the athletic mind including attitudes, psychological and emotional obstacles, mental "muscles" and mental "tools," quality of sport training, the health and well-being of athletes, and other areas that are essential to athletic success. This new volume examines not only the many ways that consultants impact athletes, but also explores their work with coaches, teams, parents, and interdisciplinary groups such as sports medicine team and sports management.

The book is grounded in both the latest theory and research, thus making it a valuable part of graduate training in applied sport psychology, as well as a practical resource for consultants who work directly with athletes, coaches, teams, and parents. The goal of CASP, in collaboration with dozens of the leading minds in the field, is to create the definitive guide to what applied sport psychology and mental training are and do.

chapter |3 pages


part I|201 pages

Mental Training

chapter 1|36 pages


chapter 2|29 pages


chapter 3|26 pages

Mental Muscles

chapter 4|47 pages

Mental Exercises and Tools

chapter 5|34 pages

Mental Strategies to Maximize Training

chapter 6|27 pages

Special Topics

part II|62 pages

Athlete Physical and Mental Health

chapter 7|29 pages

Athlete Health and Well-being

chapter 8|31 pages

Mental Health

part III|117 pages

Athlete Environment

chapter 9|45 pages


chapter 10|25 pages


chapter 11|24 pages


chapter 12|21 pages

Sports Organization