Therapeutic Trances is a manifesto of the fundamental principles and techniques of Ericksonian hypnotherapy. This innovative volume lays out the principles and practice of developing relationships with patients and creating a hypnotic environment in which true healing can take place. The book offers therapists specific questions to ask and practical ideas to pursue, thereby illustrating how therapists may cooperate with clients to translate problems into solutions. Stephen Gilligan synthesizes the approaches of Erickson, Bandler & Grinder, and Bateson to bring a new perspective to the field.

chapter Chapter 1|28 pages

The Ericksonian Approach to Hypnosis

chapter Chapter 2|32 pages

The Experience of Trance

chapter Chapter 3|35 pages

The General Approach of the Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

chapter Chapter 4|50 pages

Cooperation Strategies

chapter Chapter 5|33 pages

Creating a Context for Therapeutic Trance