Legal practice is both a profession and, increasingly, a business. Lawyers are routinely confronted with a complex set of ethical questions due to the adversarial nature of legal practice and justice, and at the same time handle relationships with different stakeholders within their own practice, including clients, partners, and managers. This presents a unique set of challenges that are not experienced in other professions. This book provides a framework to guide the practicing lawyer through these various levels of ethical complexity.

Written in a highly accessible style, The Lawyer’s Guide to Business Ethics transforms business ethics theory for the practice of law, identifying the unique applications and ways in which lawyers can utilize the theory and principles to enhance their decision making and case management techniques. The book examines the social, ethical, personal, and economic forces influencing lawyers' work, explains the rules of professional conduct, and presents real-life ethical dilemmas to enhance learning and to assist in finding appropriate outcomes.

This book will be an invaluable resource for legal practitioners, law students and business students, and anyone interested in maintaining ethical behavior in the practice of law.

chapter |3 pages


part I|45 pages

The Rise of the Contemporary Legal Landscape

chapter 1|15 pages

The Rise of the Adversarial System

chapter 3|15 pages

The Law School and Lawyer Boom

part II|73 pages

The Attorney as Advocate

part III|72 pages

Values in the Practice of Law