What is internal communication? What role does it play in contemporary organizations? What are the consequences of malfunctioning internal communication?

There are many aspects of internal communication – work related, social, formal, informal, vertical, horizontal, between coworkers, between coworkers and managers, communication before and under organizational changes, internal crisis communications and so forth. We think of different forms of communication channels such as intranet, staff magazines, electronic billboards and internal television. This book interconnects these different parts and emphasizes the strategic value and importance of internal communication. We understand internal communication as an unused capital with a large potential for organizational success. Further, we understand internal communication as a basic prerequisite of organizations that is performed by all members of an organization – managers, coworkers and communication professionals. Traditionally, there has been too much emphasis on the work and function of communication professionals when internal communication is discussed, but most of the communication value is actually produced by managers and coworkers. However, communication professionals are the communication experts in organizations that strategically facilitate the organization.

This book is based on a cooperation between Susanne Dahlman, senior communication consultant, and Mats Heide, Professor in Strategic Communication at Lund University. Hence, this book has a unique approach that covers both practical and academic aspects of internal communication. This book is a response to the demand for a book that covers the strategic aspects of internal communication in practice, and as such is ideal reading for both practitioners and advanced students.

chapter |12 pages


The value of internal communication

chapter Chapter 1|27 pages

Communicating strategy and change

chapter Chapter 2|22 pages

The manager’s communicative role

chapter Chapter 3|21 pages

The coworker’s communicative role

chapter Chapter 4|20 pages

The communication professional’s role and assignment

chapter Chapter 5|13 pages

Digital communication

chapter Chapter 6|13 pages

Measuring communication

chapter Chapter 7|10 pages

Summary and the way forward