Amdo Tibetan: A Comprehensive Grammar Textbook is a rigorous one-year college-level textbook for English speakers who wish to learn the Amdo dialect of the Tibetan language.

This comprehensive introduction to the language provides dialogues at the start of each new lesson to illustrate the constructions covered in that lesson. Material from previous chapters is recycled within these dialogues to reinforce learning as the lessons progress. Each chapter unpacks the opening sample dialogue and provides an in-depth analysis and technical explanations of the specific constructions presented. Cultural sections are also included in each chapter, as well as a range of exercises and drills to reinforce learning and help students internalize the new information.

The book will be of particular interest to linguists and students with some knowledge of either standard colloquial or literary Tibetan.

chapter Lesson 1|17 pages

The Alphabet and the Sound System

chapter Lesson 2|20 pages

Amdo Syllables and Consonants

chapter Lesson 3|17 pages

Vowels and Suffixes

chapter Lesson 4|15 pages

What’s Your Name?

chapter Lesson 5|19 pages

Where Are You From?

chapter Lesson 6|18 pages

I Have a Tibetan Textbook

chapter Lesson 7|17 pages

There Are Only Nine Students Here Today

chapter Lesson 8|17 pages

Do You Have a Picture of Your Family?

chapter Lesson 9|25 pages

What Are You Doing in Xining?

chapter Lesson 10|21 pages

Where Will You Go?

chapter Lesson 11|24 pages

What Do You Want to Eat?

chapter Lesson 12|21 pages

I Will Go to See My Parents on Saturday

chapter Lesson 13|26 pages

When Did You Arrive?

chapter Lesson 14|25 pages

January is the Coldest Month of the Year

chapter Lesson 15|27 pages

The Post Office Is Opposite the Bank

chapter Lesson 16|28 pages

It’s Called Tsampa in Tibetan

chapter Lesson 17|26 pages

Is This Brown One Pretty?

chapter Lesson 18|26 pages

Have You Been to Yulshul?

chapter Lesson 19|28 pages

On the Road for More Than Nine Hours

chapter Lesson 20|28 pages

My Belly Is Still Hurting

chapter Lesson 21|30 pages

Labrang Is a Big Monastery in Amdo