This book teaches you how to master classic and cutting edge Foley techniques in order to create rich and convincing sound for any medium, be it film, television, radio, podcasts, animation, or games.

Award-winning Foley artist Vanessa Theme Ament demonstrates how Foley is designed, crafted, and edited for any project, down to the nuts and bolts of spotting, cueing, and performing sounds. Various renowned sound artists provide a treasure trove of indispensable shortcuts, hot tips, and other valuable tricks of the trade.

This updated third edition features the following:

  • New chapters dedicated to Foley in games, television, broadcasting, and animation, as well as what is new in sound for media education
  • A multitude of sound "recipes" that include proven Foley methods you can immediately use on your own projects
  • A diverse range of case studies from well-known films, shows, games, and animation
  • Interviews with current sound artists from around the world

By exploring the entire audio post-production process, this book provides you with an excellent understanding of where Foley fits in the business of filmmaking and is a perfect guide for both newcomers and experienced sound designers wanting to learn more about this art.

Accompanying the book are online resources featuring video demonstrations of Foley artists at work, video tutorials of specific Foley techniques, lectures from the author and more.

chapter |3 pages


part One|51 pages

What Foley Artists Do and Why

chapter Chapter one|16 pages

Holy Foley

The Evolution of a Craft

chapter Chapter two|18 pages

The Progression of an Art

International Foley Practices

chapter Chapter three|15 pages

Aesthetics of Foley

Noise, Sound, Single, Married

part Two|74 pages

How Foley Artists Work

chapter Chapter four|8 pages

Fire in the Hole

The Players and Their Responsibilities

chapter Chapter five|24 pages

Let's Go Ahead and Go Back

Spotting, Cueing, and Editing Foley

chapter Chapter six|16 pages

Scene Change

The Foley Stage

chapter Chapter seven|24 pages

Mix and Match

The Foley and Rerecording Mixers

part Three|90 pages

The Practical Concerns

chapter Chapter eight|20 pages

Walking in Their Shoes

Performing the Footsteps

chapter Chapter nine|13 pages

Manipulation Techniques

Performing the Props

chapter Chapter ten|9 pages

Hang It as a Unit

The Knack for Sync

chapter Chapter eleven|24 pages

Adaptive Sound

Sound in Animation, Games, Radio Plays, and Movie Trailers

chapter Chapter twelve|10 pages

Chef or Cook?

Ingredients and Recipes

chapter Chapter thirteen|10 pages

Magic Wind

Unusual Foley Requests

part Four|19 pages

Past, Present, and Future

chapter Chapter fourteen|9 pages

Professional Panorama

chapter Chapter fifteen|7 pages

Foley Reflections

Final Thoughts of Experts