Shelving Guide: Business and Management / Strategic Planning / Leadership / Operations

Culture, Strategy, Execution. These three components forge the path to realized potential.

The Blendification® System breaks down and rebuilds these core concepts within your company's DNA, setting the foundation for an energizing, engaging, and impactful organization. It is based on the belief that many organizations fail to maximize their potential because they simply do not comprehend the magnitude of their personal and collective untapped capabilities.

Many workplaces are stuck in "second gear," not quite embracing and pursuing their full potential. Corporate missions are based on market dominance and incremental profit growth, leaving a massive blind spot in terms of the connection between employees, customers, and communities. This short-sightedness may provide a clear focal point, but it leaves the company, its leadership, and its employees with limited sustained motivation to realize potential.

The Blendification® System embraces the connection between culture, strategy, and execution using the Strategy Whiteboard and integrating emotional and system intelligence into the following three-step model:

  • Strategic Analysis including Culture
  • Strategic Focus, Strategic Outcomes, and Strategic Actions
  • Strategic Execution

The Blendification® System connects culture, strategy, and execution in a meaningful way that fosters an inspired, exceptional workforce. By focusing on the unifying purpose within each organization, the platform promotes alignment between leadership and employees setting a clear, strong foundation in which every individual can thrive. With this foundation in place, organizations activate their employee's potential who then take care of their customers. By fully engaging those with whom organizations directly interact, these individuals then become the spark that ignites community-wide advancement.

This is not a theory-based, philosophical book. This is an in-depth operating system by which organizations reshape their infrastructure to realize potential. The methodology outlined in The Blendification® System creates agile and efficient action, maximizing success in periods of economic expansion and times of uncertainty such as the COVID-19 outbreak, the Great Recession, and 9/11. By following the structure outlined in The Blendification® System and using the Strategy Whiteboard, organizations will move beyond financial success to uplifting employees, customers, and entire communities.

part 1|46 pages

The System of Business

chapter 1|16 pages

Strategy Progression

part 2|99 pages

Strategic Analysis

chapter 3|26 pages


chapter 4|23 pages

External Impacts

chapter 5|32 pages

Internal Evaluation | Financial & Metrics

chapter 6|15 pages


part 3|101 pages

Strategic Focus, Outcomes, and Actions

chapter 7|15 pages

Strategy Development

chapter 8|21 pages

Customer & Market Strategic Focus Area

chapter 9|19 pages

Product Strategic Focus Area

chapter 10|18 pages

Operations Strategic Focus Area

chapter 11|18 pages

People Strategic Focus Area

chapter 12|5 pages

Financial Outcomes

part 4|53 pages


chapter 13|15 pages

Activation Formula & Motivation

chapter 14|32 pages


chapter |3 pages