Documenting the outcomes from three decades of transnational research conducted under the leadership of António Teodoro, this volume offers a robust scaffolding of the social and political context in which global education is being challenged by the contradictions of neoliberalism, globalization, deregulation, governance, and democracy.

Contesting the Global Development of Sustainable and Inclusive Education presents outcomes from transnational studies conducted in response to global policies advocating the development of sustainable and inclusive education for all. Chapters map the impacts of globalization on education policy and consider how international organizations are shaping national education reforms. Focusing on questions of social justice, the volume asks how the neoliberal strategies enacted by national governments are affecting the work of teachers as well as curriculum, teacher training, and assessment. Finally, the text asks whether there are alternatives to financially-driven, competition-based reforms that might better position education as an action project for social justice.

This volume will be of interest to postgraduate students, scholars, researchers and policymakers in the fields of global education, comparative education, and education policy.

chapter |8 pages


Education Policies in Times of Global Governance

chapter 1|24 pages

Education in Times of Change

Critical Problems and Research Agendas

chapter 4|12 pages

World-Class Education

The OECD’s Dream of a Global Governance

chapter 5|18 pages

The University as Contested Field

Sketching Possible Futures

chapter |5 pages


The Utopia of Education as a Project of Social (and Cognitive) Justice