Organized around four commonplaces of education—learners and learning, subject matter, teachers and teaching, and classroom environment—Elementary Social Studies provides a rich and ambitious framework to help social studies teachers achieve powerful teaching and learning results. By blending the theoretical and the practical, the authors deeply probe the basic elements of quality instruction—planning, implementation, and assessment—always with the goal of creating and supporting students who are motivated, engaged, and thoughtful.

Book features and updates to the fourth edition include:

• Two new chapters on using the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) to understand inquiry-based teaching and learning and to develop IDM inquiries.

• Revised chapter on ideas and questions.

• Revised chapter on literacy to more fully incorporate media literacy and digital citizenship.

• Real-classroom narratives introduce chapters and provide in-depth access to teaching and learning contexts.

• Practical curriculum and resource suggestions for the social studies classroom.

• End-of-chapter summaries and annotated teaching resources.

part 1|221 pages

The Commonplaces of Education

chapter 2|38 pages

Learners and Learning

Understanding What Students Know and How They Come to Know It

chapter 3|26 pages

Subject Matter

A Threads Approach

chapter 4|31 pages

Teachers and Teaching

Working with Ideas and Questions

chapter 5|32 pages

Teachers and Teaching

Choosing Strategies, Curriculum Materials, and Influences on Teaching

chapter 6|23 pages

Teachers and Teaching


chapter 7|29 pages

The Classroom Environment

Creating a Genuine Community

chapter 8|21 pages

Social Studies and Literacy

part 2|82 pages

Putting the Commonplaces into Action

chapter 10|15 pages

The Inquiry Design Model

chapter 11|18 pages

Constructing Curriculum Inquiries

chapter 12|22 pages

Becoming a Reflective Social Studies Teacher